World-first encouragement app launched

Press Release

Melbourne-based digital wellness start-up Zen Zones Australia has launched a world-first mobile app, YouGotThis, focused on activating the power of encouragement in our daily lives.

YouGotThis (YGT) enables users to invite a ‘cheer squad’ to record short video messages of encouragement that get automatically compiled and sent to family and friends, classmates, teammates and colleagues. 

At a time of increased isolation, YouGotThis is a free, easy-to-use tool for close support groups to deliver and receive timely and uplifting video messages of encouragement. 

The technology provides auto-merging and archiving functionality, and offers a safe tool for transmitting personal video messages that won’t get lost in inboxes and social media streams.

Founder Penny Hewson believes that encouragement from our close support groups has a direct and compounding positive impact at significant moments in our lives.

‘We all know how uplifting cheer squads can be, for both the participants and for their teams during a game,’ Hewson says. 

‘I’ve been on the sidelines cheering on friends and teams my whole life, and I want YouGotThis to bring that kind of encouragement into our day-to-day use of technology.’

The impetus for creating YouGotThis came in the early days of Covid-19 in Melbourne, when people were suddenly faced with increasing isolation and uncertainty.

‘In times of challenge people need even greater human connection and the sharing of encouragement within their close communities is a key coping strategy,’ Hewson says.

‘This app offers a new way of using our mobile devices to increase how inter-connected we feel with our “A team”.’

Psychological studies have found that messages of encouragement have a positive and measurable impact on both cognition and physical performance, as well as an improved sense of wellbeing. 

With these benefits in mind, Hewson is talking to mental health organisations, schools, sports clubs and fundraising events looking for additional tools to support their clients and communities. Corporate wellness programs can also utilise the app for ongoing peer-to-peer support messaging and team leader initiatives.

Hewson, who spent 10 years in Los Angeles working in digital strategy, marketing and artist management, founded Zen Zones Australia as a social enterprise to create unique spaces and tools to support social well being, mindfulness, re-energisation and peak performance.

YouGotThis (YGT) is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

For further information, contact us.