How to Send Instant Encouragement

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While we’re all leading crazy busy lives and juggling endless daily demands, we still want to find time for our friends, right? Especially in those moments when we become aware they are facing a personal challenge, perhaps we’ve just hung up the phone from speaking to them, and we sense that they may need a little extra support. We need a quick easy tool for sending encouragement when we’re on the go – pronto!

Fortunately, there’s now an app for that.

How to Send Instant Encouragement.

The YouGotThis mobile app is free to download and simple to use. It’s the perfect tool for creating 15-second (solo) or 60-second (group) videos that will provide instant morale boost to your friend in need.

1. Download the app

2. Sign in and tap the + icon to get started

3. Name the Occasion and select Recipient from your Contacts

4. Choose Solo to create and send an instant 15-second encouragement video

5. Or Invite up to 3 friends to join a ‘Cheer Squad’ to submit their videos also

6. Review video(s), auto-merge, and Send to your Friend as a Gift

7. Show your support and let them know “you got this”

The main thing is to show you’re thinking about them, and sending a short audio-visual snippet of your good self can go such a long way. Perhaps, you want to include an inspirational quote or a line from one of your favourite songs (Baby we were born to run, anyone?). Plus, if you have time to invite a few friends into the mix then a 60-second montage of well wishes can be priceless. And the video will be stored safely on their mobile phone, in their pocket, to be re-watched as often as they need.

It’s encouragement for anytime, anywhere.

Download now on the app stores.

Who can you encourage today?


Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash