What is YouGotThis (YGT) and where do I get it?

YouGotThis is a mobile app for you to create, send and receive video messages of encouragement. You can install YouGotThis now on the App Store and Play Store. 

Is there any age limit to use YouGotThis?

To create a YouGotThis profile on your own, you should be 13 years old. However we believe in providing encouragement tools for people of all ages, so we may adjust our policy in future. 

Do I have to pay to use YouGotThis?

YouGotThis is free! As the app develops and we get feedback from our community, we may offer optional premium features to enhance the YouGotThis experience.

How many Occasions can I create?

There’s no limit to how much encouragement you can provide to the people you care about. Create as many Occasions as you like, and encourage your friends to encourage too!

How many cheerleaders can I invite to create a video for someone we want to encourage?

You can invite up to three cheerleaders to join you in creating a video for each Occasion. So up to 4 x 15-second videos can be merged into a group message for a mutual friend. You can also create a solo video to send immediately. 

How will I know when my encouragement video is ready to send?

You’ll receive a notification when the members of your cheer squad have uploaded their videos to YouGotThis. 

What happens when I send an encouragement video?

If the person you’re sending the encouragement video to already has the YouGotThis app installed, they’ll receive a notification on their device with a link to watch the video.

If they don’t have YouGotThis installed, they’ll receive an SMS message with a link to install the app and watch your encouragement video. 

Who will be able to see the encouragement videos I create?

The videos you create can be seen by the person who is receiving the encouragement video for an Occasion and, for Group videos, also the other cheerleaders who have submitted a video for the same Occasion.

Where can I see all the videos I’ve created?

You can all the encouragement videos you’ve created for others in the Occasions section of the app.

Where can I see all the videos I’ve received?

You can see the encouragement videos you’ve received in the My Videos section of the app.

Can I save encouragement videos to my device?

Yes, you can download any videos you’ve created or received to your device. Look for three dots at the top right of the video image, and you’ll find an option to ‘Download’. Tap the Download option and the video will be saved to your device.

Privacy and terms of use

Where can I find out more about my privacy and rights as a user?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Why do I have to give my phone number to create a profile?

YouGotThis needs your phone number to send a verification code to you when you register for the app. Our goal is to protect privacy and create a secure environment so you can send personal video messages to your family and friends.

Why do I have to give access to the camera on my phone?

YouGotThis needs access to your camera so you can record and send encouragement videos. 

Why do I have to give access to contacts on my phone?

The app needs access to your contacts for two reasons – so you can invite members of your cheer squad to create videos for an Occasion, and to send the compiled video to the person you’re encouraging.


Can I edit my profile or log out of the app?

Tap on the Settings section in the bottom menu to edit your profile details or log out of the app.

How do you handle offensive content?

YouGotThis is creating a community where people can give genuine and personal encouragement to the people they care about – their family, friends, teammates and colleagues. YouGotThis aims to be a positive experience for people who are both giving and receiving the gift of encouragement. 

However, if you receive content that you find offensive or hurtful, you can use either the ‘Remove’ or ‘Report’ functions. ‘Remove’ will simply remove the video, or you can ‘Report’ the content so we can also be made aware of the offensive content. 

What can I do if the app crashes or a feature is not working properly?

We’re sorry the app isn’t working as expected. The app is new and we’re working to improve it all the time, so we really appreciate your feedback. 

If you’re experiencing a problem, we recommend you begin by re-starting or re-installing the app.

While our development team receive and review alerts if the YouGotThis app crashes, if a problem appears to continue please let us know through the ‘Send Feedback’ function in Settings.