The Cambridge Dictionary definition of
encouragement (noun)

: words or behaviour that give someone confidence to do something
: words or behaviour that make something more likely to happen


We are big believers in the power of enCOURAGEment. As lifelong cheerleaders in our lives, on the sidelines with family and friends, observing that the most effective words that can be shared with someone facing a moment of challenge are those that are:

Authentic. Personal. Timely.

We also know that power of having an “A team” or a go-to group of peers that always seem to know the right things to say at the right times. The collaborative spirit of a CHEER SQUAD is what gives the volume and maximum impact to a well-targeted encouragement or cheer.

Thus we created YouGotThis, the encouragement app that is easy-to-use, to bring friends into an occasion and to send special video messages to that “someone” in your life that could use a pep up or morale boost.



We’ve run out on to sporting arenas. We’ve performed on stage. We’ve pitched new business ideas. We’ve faced surgeries and childbirth. We’ve faced separation at times of hardship. And we’ve been on the other side of the world when our family and friends have needed us. Throughout the journey, we’ve known first-hand how hearing the voice of a loved one, or sometimes even words from a stranger, at just the right moment, can steer us right. And that repeat messages have a multiplying effect. So let’s shift our focus onto who else might need a little encouragement today. We hope that our mobile app that is ALL about encouragement helps us all activate and elevate.”   

– Penny & Chris, co-founders